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The only way to lessen the tension between TVXQ fans and JYJ fans are for JYJ & C-Jes to stop causing them. The "We are JYJ" and "Return of the King" thing. Among the literally thousands of phrases JYJ can use, they pick these two? These two that are directly associated with TVXQ? After all these years, when are JYJ & C-Jes going to realize they are not a sub-group, but a separate group from TVXQ? Yunho and Changmin have let go, JaeChunSu won't considering they desperately wanted out.

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And CJeS is always on the forefront whining about what’s “ethically right” *roll eyes* Of course this only apply when they’re the victims.

I honestly have come to a point where I will just laugh because for me using those two phrases to gain attention is just pathetic, but I only wish they can stop acting like the most wonderful, clean, and morally upstanding company while they’re at it.

CJeS has been playing the game as dirty as all the other companies they like to accuse to playing dirty, so they can just #dealwithit

When it comes to “Return of the King”, TVXQ is King of SMP as crowned by SM, so let JYJ be whatever King they want, they can’t touch TVXQ’s throne XP

PS. If JYJ actually use We are JYJ as a slogan like We are T, I WILL JUST LAUGH MY HEAD OFF because apparently I was wrong when I thought that my opinion of them can’t go any lower TROLOLOLOLOLOL







Okay, sorry, this is ridiculous. I basically hate CJeS, so I’ve no intention to stand up for them, but maybe some people should realize, that it’s their fault. Cool, maybe they are a bunch of uncreative idiots and use these phrases, but I hope you also know that there are many more bands that use these exact phrases as slogans. 
(Especially the ‘We are …’ Part cracked me up.)
Maybe some people should just calm down and ignore the behavior of some entertainments because they surely aren’t the only entertainment that messes up big time. And if you hate JYJ so much, why don’t you just IGNORE them, god, it’s really not that hard. Trust me, it will make you happier and actually a better person.

well well, since when< we are..>, or < return of the king> was a trademark of homin?!!! A lot of idols used it before them( like Rain…) and i didn’t see you complain about it!! 

don’t get me wrong, i don’t want to start a fandom war or criticize tvxq, but those kind of fans put me on fire!!!

NB: i love all tv5xq members equally( well jj’s bias actually) so i would have the same reaction if homin were being the subject of hate!!

 Last, keep the faith and FUCK the haters!! Thank you so much!!

Yeah, because Rain started out as a member of TVXQ, filed a lawsuit against their agency because he feels SM can’t manage him properly and then went around to use 2 slogans now closely identified with the group he abandoned at the peak of their career, the slogans used by that same company they claimed is incompetent, evil and cockblocking their career.

Obviously Rain using Return of the King has the same connotation with JYJ because their situation is just IDENTICAL.

And it’s TVXQ, not HoMin. Don’t tell me you love all 5 members equally when you can’t even respect the fact that Jung and Shim never, EVER, refer to their group as “HoMin”.

Yes, you keep your faith, but I don’t think you have the right parts to “fuck” me, so no thanks.

 Obviously you have so much hate toward JYJ!

 Ever human being has the right to chose their own path and what made them happy. If they want to break free and do whatever they want, not you not me have the right to say otherwise! Blaming them of BETRAYING and ABANDONING the other two is really futile since you don’t know exactly what happened between the five of them…!!

 And i’ll keep my faith thank you so much!!  quoting:

"So if we do separate jobs, we are always from Tohoshinki." — Yunho

"Even if we’re far away, you guys know that we love you, right?"— Yunho

No matter how far wer’re separated, we’ll come back together one day"-yunho

And much more…! And like you said, they sued their company, not their group!!

 And i did refer to them as tvxq when i talked about the group, but then when i wanted to refer to them as an individuals i used HOMIN, it like saying: YUNJAE, YOOSU, JAEMIN…and i absolutely don’t see what’s the wrong with that!!

 I don’t feel the need to replay about not loving them equally since it’s a private matter, so bug off!!

 TV5XQ fighting


the first quote was from this magazine (MORE) that tvxq did in 2011. youve taken it completely out of context, as this entire part of the interview was emphasising how strong the bond between yunho and changming was. THE “WE” WAS REFERRING TO YUNHO AND CHANGMIN ONLY and the “separate jobs” were their solo activities. 

i’m going to assume that the second quote is from here, all about dbsk season 2. the “you” the yunho is talking to IS THE FANS. NOT THE OTHER MEMBERS. they were “far away” from korean fans because they did a lot of overseas activities. and even if it was to the other members, lol this was 2007. 

third quote was from the here, fujin kouron mid-2009 which was BEFORE the split, while tvxq were at the height of their fame. 

you want a more recent quote? try changmin’s “I don’t think it’s right when a few of the geese who chose to broke away still considered themselves as part of the flock.” when asked about jyj. 

your point on how they sued their company, not their group: yeah, obviously. their contract was with their company not with the other members. by suing their company and leaving, they were effectively screwing over yunho and changmin. yunho fell into depression because of what jyj did. yunho and changmin’s careers could have collapsed. you can tell me it wasn’t personal all you want, but life just doesn’t work like that. if jyj didn’t know the consequences for yunho and changmin when they sued, then they were woefully naive. if they knew and did it anyway, they valued money over their friends. 

and homin is their pairing/ship name, just as yunjae, yoosu and jaemin are. i see people calling the current tvxq “homin” all the time, but those same people in no hurry to call jyj “jaechunsu.” calling one “homin” and the other “jyj” implies that the former is part of a group, and the latter is an entire group. 

tvxq are yunho and changmin so they should be called tvxq. they are two different idol groups; tvxq and jyj. 

An OT5 quoting Jung from BEFORE the lawsuit and screwing up a post lawsuit quote.. Why am I not surprised? LOL

You deserve TVXQ cookies for actually tracking down those quotes *gives you TVXQ cookies*

I want TVXQ cookies too! I’m TVXQ fan and i want TVXQ cookies!!!!!! *pout* 


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